Let’s Roll

With an eight week old, you figure you can lie them on the couch and trust they will be okay for a few moments. I mean, where will they go at eight weeks? It’s not as if they can roll over or anything, right? Wrong. During supervised tummy time on the couch, Maxton was becoming pestered with being on his belly and started arching his back and pushing off with his left arm. “There’s no way you are going to roll over sweetie, you’re okay.” I said aloud to him. Not 15 seconds later he pushed off with his left arm and leg, twisted his hip and landed on his back looking dumbfounded. Did that just happen?

Yes, I was right there, and felt a sense of accomplishment – I guess I am doing something right. He didn’t repeat this milestone today; I think it was just a fluke in a moment of aggravation on his part. I hope Daddy will be home to see it next time, or to have a camera within reach.

On a side note, Maxton had his first round of immunizations yesterday. I stressed about it for days, praying he wouldn’t be in a slump in the days following. So far so good! He cried when it happened but seems to be in good spirits. I have also recovered from the traumatic experience, and have already began thinking about the next round…

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