Pingle’s Farm Market

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Sunday was a gorgeous fall day – probably one of the last ones before the blistering cold comes barreling through. With Halloween just around the corner, Steve and I decided to venture out to Pingle’s to pick up a few pumpkins. We bundled up our little one (against his wishes), popped his new pumpkin hat on (thanks Gillian) and away we went!

When we arrived I realized we had left the stroller in the garage, which meant we would have to carry our heavy little pumpkin in his car seat.  When I said “we”, I meant Steve. 😉

We decided to save the wagon ride out to the patch until next year when Maxton is: 1. Awake and 2. Interested in picking his own pumpkin. We searched through the mounds of pumpkins and hyper children and finally settled on two fairly large pumpkins. (We picked up a small one for Maxton from Knox’s a few weeks ago.)

After browsing through the bakery we decided to pick up some delicious no-fat (I wish) butter tarts. Unfortunately, they never made it home with us. After questioning one of the bakers, we were told they were made with excessive amounts of butter.” Yummy!” Said Mommy.  “WAAAAAAAAAA!” Said Maxton. Steve didn’t want them if I couldn’t have any – isn’t he the best? I’ve come to realize I’m not the only one participating in the dairy boycott. Poor Steve.

All in all, we were happy with the pumpkins we chose and can’t wait to carve some spooky faces!

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