Sleep: I need it. I want it. I miss it.

I jinxed myself when I said Maxton sleeps five-six hours through the night. Those have come and gone. We are back to, two to three hour intervals. It doesn’t sound that bad; but, what you have to take into account is the time it takes to get him back to sleep again. Sometimes a diaper change and nursing is all it takes. Other times he requires a 30 minute bounce on the yoga ball. Most of my exercising is done on the yoga ball between 10pm and 6am.

I must say, one thing I will miss about the middle of the night feedings (yes, I am really saying that) is how smily my little munchkin is. He loves being on his change table and looking up at the dandelion decals that cover his nursery walls – especially at 3am.

Perhaps one day we will get back to those 5+ hour stretches, for now I will keep yawning my way through the day. At least I won’t have to dress up for Halloween – my Zombie costume requires no effort.

Lesson of the week: Moms are super-human. (My mom always told me this, now I really believe her.)

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