Happy Halloween

This post is two days late; but, better late than never, right?

We decided to be really creative and dress Maxton up as a pumkin. Alright, not so creative, but very adorable. He wasn’t too impressed, but he lasted long enough for us to snap a few photos.

We also managed to find time to carve two spooky pumpkins. Here are a few pictures from our first Halloween with the three of us.  In case you’re wondering what Steve is dressed up as in the pictures – he’s a dalmation. He, and his whole team at work had to dress up as Dalmations – very cute.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Love your blog, Helen! Good for Steve for dressing up. This was our first halloween in a new neighbourhood. Our neighbours BOTH dressed up for halloween.. my husband and I seriously need to up our game next year haha!

  2. I am just seeing these posts now! I subscribed after your first post, but for some reason I haven’t been getting any notifications! I would have been commenting! I didn’t know you were still posting, and I’m so glad you are. Steve and Maxton both look lovely, as I’m sure you did, too (even in your tired mom “costume”). xo

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