Good-bye Orange, Hello Red and Green

Halloween out, Christmas in.

On November 1st, all store shelves were stripped of Halloween decorations and replaced with LED indoor/outdoor lights, wreaths, garland and bulbs. Ho Ho Ho.

I remember my mom saying she would start her Christmas shopping in August, I use to think that was crazy. Now that I am a mom, I get it. Toy sale in August? SCORE! It brings a whole new meaning to Christmas in July.

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas. Luckily so is Steve (so is Max, he just doesn’t know it yet). Last year we had the tree and other decorations up before December 1st. What’s wrong with that? I LOVE CHRISTMAS. We are especially looking forward to it this year now that Maxton is here to share it with us.

I spent a mini fortune at my favourite baby store the other day: Carters. They had so many cute Santa and Christmas outfits. I of course bought him a “My First Christmas” bib, a “My First Christmas” onesie, a “My First Christmas” sleeper, an outfit with Santa’s face on the bum and opted out of the “My First Christmas” Santa hat (as cute as it was). Alright, the only reason I did was because I thought it would be too small. I even sent a quick text to my mom telling her she had to pick up the “What Santa doesn’t bring me Grandma will” onesie. Unfortunately they didn’t have a “Babcha” one. That store really knows how to tug your heart-strings.

Tis the season. The weather is changing, stores are gearing up for Christmas and Starbucks is now serving their winter cups!

What? There is only one shot of espresso?!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour tonight! Have a great weekend!

Lesson of the Week: You will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get a big gummy smile from your little one.

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