Boot Camp

Today was our second Mommy and Baby Yoga Boot Camp class. I LOVE IT! I was a big fan of Yoga before I got pregnant and took Prenatal Yoga my whole pregnancy. Two weeks ago my stroller-fit class ended (which I started three weeks post c-section) and I finally felt ready to get back into Yoga.

Last week, Maxton was quiet the whole hour, not one little peep. Today, he lasted 45 minutes, which was good enough for me. I missed out on the stretching at the end but otherwise participated in the rest of the class.  I often wonder if the environment is familiar to him – this Yoga class is in the same room my Prenatal classes were in. I remember wondering what it would be like to bring my baby to a Mommy and Baby Yoga class.  What would he/she look like? Maxton was always very active in my belly during these classes, I loved that time for connecting with my babe – even more so now that he is right in front of me!

The class is great because it is very interactive with the babies. Each pose offers Mommy the opportunity to “coo” or “aw” at baby, and you can stop at any time to nurse or change your babe. Today the babies were especially vocal. It seemed as though as soon as one baby started crying, they would all chime in. It was funny listening to them all, with the instructor shouting over all the fussy babes. The best part is no one gets annoyed when your baby starts wailing, because we all know what it’s like.

I convinced a friend last week to join the class with me. She has a little 7 week old boy named Henry. Maxton and Henry are about three and a half weeks apart, so it gives them time to bond – even if they don’t really notice each other. The class really tuckered them out. They both napped for several hours this afternoon, giving us time to shop and enjoy some delicious Starbucks coffee.

Sleeping while Mommy enjoys her Starbucks

We can’t wait for next weeks’ class! Our wonderful instructor Shawna will be taking pictures next week of all the Mommies and their babes so I will be sure to post a few.

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