Keurig vs Tassimo

Steve and I are facing a life altering decision: Do we buy a Keurig or Tassimo? Technically we already purchased the Tassimo, the question is: Should we keep it?

This post is dedicated to those who have either, and would be willing to share their experiences and/or preference.

We have a Keurig at work, so we are familiar with the variety of flavours available to brew.

Steve tested a “T-cup” at a friends last night, specifically the cappuccino. He was very impressed with the quality of it – I mean, we aren’t talking Paris fantastic, but for a $150 machine, it wasn’t bad. I only had a sip because it contains dairy, and as you all know, I am still avoiding it. Which brings us to the other dilemma. Tassimo’s are known for brewing specialty coffee’s – the cappuccino’s, espresso’s and latte’s. So, if I can’t have dairy, what’s the point? The point is, they are delicious and hopefully I will be able to enjoy a cup of either in the not too distant future. However, if I have to boycott dairy for the rest of my nursing days, the Keurig would be the better fit.

Now you understand our dilemma. Steve seems to be leaning towards the Tassimo (post delicious cup of cappuccino). Did I mention my mom is getting a Keurig for Christmas? I guess we could always enjoy a flavoured coffee there when we visit.

It looks like the score is 2-1 Tassimo.

What are your thoughts?

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