Don’t worry, this is not a Christmas post. The title of today’s post is what inspired Maxton to laugh for the first time, yesterday.

While Steve was holding him in front of me I (in a jolly old voice) shouted, “Ho-Ho-Ho”. Steve then gave Max a quick bounce while I said “Hi!”. This went on for five or six times before Maxton lost interest; but, each of those times it brought out a sweet giggle from our baby boy. It’s the best sound in the world and we can’t wait to hear more of them!

Milestones like that, really make those sleepless nights easier (almost).  We seem to be back on a 1.5-3 hour sleep schedule. I am really hoping this is just a brief phase and we can get back to those longer sleep stretches soon. He is always startling himself awake – hopefully that is another “phase”. We used to think it was cute when he was first home from the hospital. Now that it happens all night long, not so much. On the bright side, he is an excellent “napper” during the day (in his swing only) so I am able to accomplish things around the house.

No, I still don’t “sleep when the baby sleeps”. I truly believe people who are able to do that have a cleaning service and a personal chef.


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