When Steve first told me he was going to participate in Movember, my first reaction was: scratchy-face. Obviously it is for a great cause and I fully support that, I just wasn’t keen on the scratchy kisses. The first few days were rough, pardon the pun, as he tried to decide what kind of “Mo” he wanted. He finally settled on this:

Day 16

It’s not so bad, right? He looks, er, distinguished? Older? Yes, older. Maxton played strange with him for a few days but has come to realize that the funny looking prickly guy is his dad.

One great thing about Steve, is he chose to participate in Movember because it’s for a great cause. He didn’t know anyone with prostate cancer, he just wanted to help raise awareness. Well, he didn’t know anyone who had it, until yesterday. Last night we found out a very, very close friend has been diagnosed with prostate cancer – what a huge shock. Today, Movember means so much more to me now that it has hit so close to home. This friend has had a huge influence on me and Steve, and will always be a lifelong friend.

Movember is a great way to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer. So, show your support to all the men sporting their “Mo’s”. Great job, Steve. I’m sure Maxton will follow in your footsteps one day.

4 thoughts on “Movember

  1. My dad had surgery to remove a tumour from his prostate 5 years ago, but he’s been doing great since! You should include the link to Steve’s Movember page so people can donate!

  2. Nice ‘stache! Yay for men’s health awareness. Jeff is also sporting a fu for Movember. I love how Movember taps in to that deep, inner desire that many men have for facial hair. Jeff’s already talking about continuing into “Mocember”…

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