The Wonderful Woombie

Maxton has always had a crazy startle reflex since the day he was born. Some babies have it worse than others, and some for longer than others. Maxton is 13 weeks old today, and has it as bad as he did at one week old.


– Only naps in his swing during the day, otherwise he would startle awake on his back. I have tried putting him on his back to nap, but he wakes within 10 seconds of being put down

– Throws his arms in the air as if he were falling off the edge of a cliff

– While lying in bed, I would reach my hand over the edge of his bassinet and hold his hands to his chest all night to prevent him from startling himself awake (you do what you have to do to get sleep).

After weeks of doing this, a friend of mine asked me if I had a Woombie. A what? Essentially, it’s a zip-up sack that mimic’s swaddling.

I was desperate to try anything so I borrowed the one she had. It’s amazing. I can put him down to sleep at night and walk away as he sleeps soundly (for 2-4 hour intervals). I don’t have to go to bed when he does (although, most of the time I’m half asleep by then anyways) and can come downstairs to spend some time with Steve.

It’s stretchy, so he can move around inside, he just can’t throw his arms up in the air. It’s funny watching him stretch in the morning when I unzip him. I hope he grows out of the startle reflex soon so he can sleep with his arms above his head peacefully.

Until then…

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