Christmas Must-Haves

First let me start off by saying the most important part of Christmas is family. Christmas would not be the same if we didn’t spend it with our families. Laughter, great company and delicious food. This year is even more special now that we have our new little addition!

That being said, there are many things I must have/do each year at Christmas. There are the obvious things like a beautifully decorated tree (done), stockings (done) and lots of other decorations (done). In the coming days I will share a picture of our stocking line-up and our Christmas tree. For now, here is a list of my top five “must-haves” at Christmas.

1. A New Bulb

Each year I buy a new bulb with the year printed on it. Our 2011 bulb is Maxton’s. We actually have two for this year: a Baby’s First Christmas bulb, and a snowman ornament with Maxton’s name printed on it. My mom purchased it from a craft show and had them paint his name on it.

2. Bath and Body Works’ Twisted Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap

Your guests will love the smell of their hands with this soap! This scent is also available as a lotion and a candle. I can’t get enough of the twisted peppermint!

3. Port

Every year my uncle brings a great bottle of Port to enjoy on Christmas Eve (it never makes it to Christmas Day). He is a wine connoisseur, so he always brings the best of the best! Last year I was pregnant so I wasn’t able to enjoy a glass. This year I hope to pump so I can indulge and make up for last year!

4. Soft Ginger Cookies

I have a great recipe for soft ginger cookies. Last year I was unable to make them because I had a bad case of morning sickness and went from my bed to the couch. I plan to double up on Holiday baking this year!

5. Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are a must! We are so looking forward to introducing Maxton to our favourites. These include: Christmas Vacation, Elf, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Must-Haves

  1. I love your Christmas must haves/traditions! I’ll have to pick up some of that hand wash. Growing up, my parents got me and my siblings an ornament each year with our names and the year on them. I loved this tradition and am continuing it with my boys since when I moved away from home I already had a bunch of ornaments for our tree.

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