Story Time

I’ve been trying to incorporate reading into our daily “routine”. I of course have a few childhood favourites that I can’t wait for Maxton to learn and hopefully love as much as I did.

We have been sticking to the board books with colourful pictures and short stories – as the attention of a three-month old lasts anywhere from two to fifteen minutes. His favourite book to date is Brown Bear; I can always make it through without a fuss.

Amazingly, this past week, I was able to get through How the Grinch Stole Christmas in one sitting. I couldn’t believe it. He sat on my lap quietly and stared at each and every page, sucking his little fingers. What a cutie. It may have only been a one-time thing, but we will try it again this week.

I also have to mention, it was exactly one year ago today, I found out that I was pregnant. Two little lines changed our life in ways we could only dream of. What a true miracle. We love you Maxton.

Lessons of the Week: (I missed last weeks lesson so I have included it in this weeks!) 1. Never get use to long sleep stretches – as soon as you do, they are gone. 2. You really do respect your parents so much more, after you have a child of your own.

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