Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

Christmas is quickly approaching and I have barely started my shopping. Maxton is going through an “I only want Mommy” phase, so it’s hard for me to get things done. Fortunately our house is fully decorated and ready for a visit from Santa!

Last year when I bought stocking hangers, I chose to buy a two-pack, instead of a four-pack. I regret that decision this year as we have another stocking to add to our fireplace. I’m all about matching so I knew it would be hard to find a stocking hanger to match our beautiful reindeers I so carefully selected last year.

Then, Steve suggested a monogram stocking hanger – what a great idea! This way, we won’t have to worry about buying extra stocking hangers ahead of time for the sake of matching; and Maxton (and his future brother(s) or sister(s)) will love how personal and special they are.

After some research, we found them at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $13.99.

I wonder what the next monogram stocking hanger will be…

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