Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday! No, seriously, it’s Happy Monday…

A couple of weeks ago, my Makeshift Monday post was dedicated to “Blue Monday”. Click here for a memory refresher.

Well guess what? Today is “Happy Monday”. Here is explanation to this theory:

Apparently, by the last Monday of January, workers have received their first post-Christmas pay-cheque, and have booked their summer holidays – deeming this the happiest Monday of the year.

Psychologists created this term primarily on the anticipation of summer break, as many families book their summer getaways the last weekend of January. Oddly enough, we actually fall into this stereotype. This past weekend, we booked a trip to (drum roll)…

LAS VEGAS!!! (Stay tuned later this week for more on this!)

So, with that in mind I will agree, it is Happy Monday!

Saving Grace

I was thinking back to the days when Maxton had reached the peak of his Colic. They were hard, to say the least, but he was sleeping 5+ hours a night so that helped. If I could give one piece of advice to parents with a Colic baby, it would be: buy one of these:

Colic babies love movement: bouncing, swinging, swaying, they love it all. This was our life savour when our bodies were all out of bounce. To this day, Maxton sleeps in his swing forsome naps; it just doesn’t have to be on “hyper-speed” anymore.

Lesson of the Week: An inanimate object can be a best friend.

Five Months

Happy 5 Months Maxton! I can’t seem to keep up with how quickly time is going by. Our little munchkin is growing and changing every day!

At 5 months, Maxton:

– Can roll from tummy to back, and back to tummy

– Babbles all day, from “Nah nah nah nah” to my personal favourite “Ma ma ma maaa”

– Smiles on demand

– Is ticklish

– Is over 16lbs, and in size three diapers

– Gives Steve a huge smile when he comes home from work

– Loves to kiss our cheeks (alright, it’s more like suck)

– Laughs when I clip his fingernails

We love our little sweetheart.

Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday, and Happy Chinese New Year!

2012 is the 4709th Chinese New Year (some believe it is the 4710th), and is the year of the Dragon.

For China, the Dragon is a symbol of power from Heaven. According to Chinese astrology, those born in the year of the Dragon are said to be strong, eccentric, intellectual, self-assured, and passionate.

The celebration lasts 15 days, with each day holding special significance. Before these celebrations commence, each home is cleaned to sweep away ill fortune and to welcome good luck. The celebration begins New Year’s Eve with traditional feasts with family and friends, followed by fireworks at midnight. The festivities conclude on the 15th day with Lantern Festival, during the full moon – what beautiful traditions!

Lesson of last week: I forgot to clean my house.

The Red Dot

We have a TV in our bedroom, which rarely gets turned on these days. Before Maxton, we would watch movies in bed on weekends – it was nice to just roll over and fall asleep, after it was over. Now that our little boy is here, and sleeping in our room (for now), the TV spends more time watching us.

There is one thing Maxton loves about the TV being off: the red power light.


Me: Is he asleep?

Steve: (bouncing Maxton on the yoga ball) No. His finger is in his mouth, and he is watching the dot.

Me: Watching the dot?

Steve: Yes. Wait, he took his finger out, but he is still watching the dot.