Christmas 2011 & New Years 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This post is very much overdue; but, with Christmas and New Years being so busy and a family health scare (thankfully everything is fine) I haven’t had the time. Last night I had 45 minute sleep intervals, so pardon the spelling/punctuation errors.

We had a wonderful First Christmas with our sweet baby boy. He was spoiled, but so deserving of everything! Let me first start with the celebration of Maxton turning four months on Christmas Eve! Happy four months baby boy!

It’s hard to believe he is already four months! Where has the time gone?

Then, there is Christmas – so much preparation and before you know it, it’s Boxing Day!

Maxton and Babcha (Grandma in Ukrainian)

It’s a new year and a new beginning. I don’t really have a resolution – just to continue taking pictures and videos of Maxton, and live in each and every moment. Happy 2012 everyone!

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