“A” for Avocado

We are going on two and half months of waking every hour to three hours; three hours being a good night. Yawn.

I have now developed a mild case of insomnia, due to Maxton’s habitual waking. What do I do to try to fall asleep? I count by two’s (counting by one’s doesn’t require as much concentration); try to name a fruit for each letter of the alphabet, followed by vegetables. Last night I went through A-Z for fruits, and the last thing I remember is “C, for cucumber”.

I also find myself reciting conversations over in my head from the day. Crazy? Maybe. Sleep deprived at the least. I’m hoping Maxton realizes how comfortable the mattress really is, and that waking up to nurse really isn’t worth it…

Sleep Munchy…Sleep.

Lesson of the week: Sleep is over-rated…Who am I kidding?


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