Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday! No, seriously, it’s Happy Monday…

A couple of weeks ago, my Makeshift Monday post was dedicated to “Blue Monday”. Click here for a memory refresher.

Well guess what? Today is “Happy Monday”. Here is explanation to this theory:

Apparently, by the last Monday of January, workers have received their first post-Christmas pay-cheque, and have booked their summer holidays – deeming this the happiest Monday of the year.

Psychologists created this term primarily on the anticipation of summer break, as many families book their summer getaways the last weekend of January. Oddly enough, we actually fall into this stereotype. This past weekend, we booked a trip to (drum roll)…

LAS VEGAS!!! (Stay tuned later this week for more on this!)

So, with that in mind I will agree, it is Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Makeshift Monday

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