Leap Year Miracle!

Happy Leap Year, everyone! It’s not very often we can say: today is February 29th! Well, every four years to be exact. Happy Birthday, to those celebrating!

As you know, Maxton has been a pretty bad sleeper for the past few months, almost four, actually. After being up every 1-2 hours (3 hours on a good night), we decided enough was enough.

We started sleep training last Friday, and it was hard. Incredibly hard. It was really emotional for me, and probably the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Here is how our nights went:

Friday night: up 11 times

Saturday night: up 13 times (he was not impressed with me)

Sunday night: up 3 times (with a 6.5 hour stretch – at this point I was thrilled)

Monday night: up 2 times

Tuesday night: slept 10 hours straight, without waking!!! WOOHOO!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up! He was up early, but he slept through the night. We are so elated and proud of our baby boy. Hopefully this continues, because it’s pretty fantastic!

Makeshift Monday: Six Months of Maxton

Happy Monday everyone!

I am happy to say, we are all on the mend and feeling much better! Especially my little boy whole slept a 6.5 hour stretch last night (WOOHOO!!!). We have been sleep training, and it seems to be working! I haven’t seen that long of a stretch from my little boy, since October!

Today’s Makeshift Monday post, is dedicated to my little man, who turned six months, this past Friday.

I can’t believe my baby boy is half-a-year old! I wish time would slow down!

Here are some fun facts about Maxton, at six months:

 – Started solids: Carrots, and he loves them!

– Pushes off with his hands, bum in the air, on his knees, and scoots backwards

– Can sit up on his own, not long enough to be left alone (he still falls back, to the side, or forward)

– Says Ma-ma-ma-ma or mum, all the time. I swear he knows what he is saying. He also says wa-wa-wa-wa and other little vowel/consonant combos

– Sings when he is trying to soothe himself to sleep (so cute)

– Reaches for everything, and cries when we take something away (especially my blackberry or the ipad)

– Loves to reach out and touch your face

– Is starting to open his arms when Steve or I reach out to pick him up

– Loves his jolly jumper and his jumperoo

Love you, sweet little boy!

The House of Germs

I have to apologize for my lack of posts.

We have all been sick. I was sick two weeks ago with a bad cold, Maxton’s battling a virus (poor guy), and Steve is getting over his cold. It has come full circle, as I’m sick again. This time with a sore throat and total achiness. Steve is feeling lousy again, too.

I will be back when I’m at least semi-healthy, again. For now, I’m boarding our door, and posting an “Enter at your own risk” sign. Sending healthy vibes to all!

Valentine’s Day 2012

Yesterday was Maxton’s first Valentine’s Day. He was the cutest Valentine, if I do say so myself.

We started the day off with our Mom and Baby Boot Camp Yoga.

 I love yoga with my little babe. It was the perfect start to the day!

Steve and I decided to order in, so Steve went and picked up some Swiss Chalet take-out, for dinner.

You may remember my Makeshift Monday post a few weeks back, and my Valentine’s Day Wish List. Well, I am a lucky girl because my wonderful hubby bought me something on that list. Can you guess what it was? Here’s a hint: it’s Valentine’s Day themed. That’s right! It was the Swarovski Reverie Light Rose Heart Pendant!!! It’s even more beautiful in person. I’m a lucky girl!

I bought Steve a watch, and got an amazing deal for it!

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, so here are five fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate with your Valentine, next year:

1. Go see a movie and bring your own snacks

2. Make a romantic dinner at home, and get dressed up for it

3. Grab a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, and take a walk or a drive

4. Download some of your favourite songs, and play a board game in front of the fireplace

5. Go out for breakfast! Dinner can be expensive and busy – you won’t have to wait hours for a table

I hope you all had a special day, celebrating with your Valentine(s)!


Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. A cold is making its way through our house, so it wasn’t the greatest.

On Friday night, I ran across the street to visit my neighbour for a moment. While I was there, I received a text from Steve, it read:

Whitney Houston died.

Shock, sadness, disbelief, I was overcome with all of these emotions. A musical legend had passed.

I had always been a fan of this talented woman. I can remember standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, holding my hairbrush to my mouth bellowing “Aaaaannnnnd IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always loooove yooooou”.

She passed away on the eve of the Grammy Awards. Jennifer Hudson paid tribute, by performing: “I Will Always Love You”, and it was beautiful.

She was taken from us too soon, her voice will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace.