Number 57

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. We hosted the “party” at our house, and I whipped together a cake, the morning of. I wanted to be a little creative, but didn’t have the time or energy to be “super” creative. So I came up with this:

It wasn’t the neatest, but my Dad loved it. I had Maxton on my hip while icing it, so I guess I will give myself an “A” for effort.

My youngest sister Rachel, was here for the festivities, and my other sister, Jen and her boyfriend, Brandon (who are away at University) joined us via FaceTime. Oh the advantages of technology.

This was Maxton’s second party of the day and he did surprisingly well, considering. We had spent the early part of the afternoon celebrating a special little guy’s 2nd Birthday. Maxton had a blast, and he even got a loot bag. By 7pm, he still had lots of smiles to share.

All in all, it was a great Saturday!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and although we aren’t football fans, we are going to celebrate by having¬†fajita’s for dinner. Yum!

Lesson of the Week: Introducing solids takes time with babies, so have patience (I will post more about this later in the week)!

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