Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday!

Last week, a friend and I ventured to the Eaton Centre with our babes. It was Maxton’s first trip there, and he really seemed to enjoy it. Aka: he didn’t fuss much.

While there, I spotted a few things that caught my eye. Nothing I would ever by myself, but things I will place on my “Valentine’s Day Wish (more like dream) List”.

The Swarovski Reverie Light Rose Heart Pendant (also available in Aquamarine or Violet), $110

The Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Sophia Satchel, $298 US

Lululemon’s Flow and Go Tote, $128

The necklace is gorgeous, the purse is fabulous and the tote is practical – perfect for the gym, yoga, and baby essentials.

Alright, so everything is a little pricey, but that’s why it’s a wish list!

Here is something more realistic – I would like to see this new movie this Valentine’s Day:

It’s the perfect cheesy chick flick! Now, the only way I will be able to see it is by bringing Maxton to Stars and Strollers. So, I will have to rally a few Moms together and make it happen!

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