Valentine’s Day 2012

Yesterday was Maxton’s first Valentine’s Day. He was the cutest Valentine, if I do say so myself.

We started the day off with our Mom and Baby Boot Camp Yoga.

 I love yoga with my little babe. It was the perfect start to the day!

Steve and I decided to order in, so Steve went and picked up some Swiss Chalet take-out, for dinner.

You may remember my Makeshift Monday post a few weeks back, and my Valentine’s Day Wish List. Well, I am a lucky girl because my wonderful hubby bought me something on that list. Can you guess what it was? Here’s a hint: it’s Valentine’s Day themed. That’s right! It was the Swarovski Reverie Light Rose Heart Pendant!!! It’s even more beautiful in person. I’m a lucky girl!

I bought Steve a watch, and got an amazing deal for it!

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, so here are five fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate with your Valentine, next year:

1. Go see a movie and bring your own snacks

2. Make a romantic dinner at home, and get dressed up for it

3. Grab a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, and take a walk or a drive

4. Download some of your favourite songs, and play a board game in front of the fireplace

5. Go out for breakfast! Dinner can be expensive and busy – you won’t have to wait hours for a table

I hope you all had a special day, celebrating with your Valentine(s)!


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