Makeshift Monday: Six Months of Maxton

Happy Monday everyone!

I am happy to say, we are all on the mend and feeling much better! Especially my little boy whole slept a 6.5 hour stretch last night (WOOHOO!!!). We have been sleep training, and it seems to be working! I haven’t seen that long of a stretch from my little boy, since October!

Today’s Makeshift Monday post, is dedicated to my little man, who turned six months, this past Friday.

I can’t believe my baby boy is half-a-year old! I wish time would slow down!

Here are some fun facts about Maxton, at six months:

 – Started solids: Carrots, and he loves them!

– Pushes off with his hands, bum in the air, on his knees, and scoots backwards

– Can sit up on his own, not long enough to be left alone (he still falls back, to the side, or forward)

– Says Ma-ma-ma-ma or mum, all the time. I swear he knows what he is saying. He also says wa-wa-wa-wa and other little vowel/consonant combos

– Sings when he is trying to soothe himself to sleep (so cute)

– Reaches for everything, and cries when we take something away (especially my blackberry or the ipad)

– Loves to reach out and touch your face

– Is starting to open his arms when Steve or I reach out to pick him up

– Loves his jolly jumper and his jumperoo

Love you, sweet little boy!

4 thoughts on “Makeshift Monday: Six Months of Maxton

  1. He’s adorable. I can’t believe he’s over six months, and sleeping! Wow! How are you managing with all of the extra sleep?

    • I know – time is going by too fast. I’m working on my habit of waking every 2 hours. I find myself waking several times a night, still! Sometimes he wakes up once, but that is much better than 6+!

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