Costco: Now Featuring Maxton!

What’s that you say? That’s right, Costco has a furniture line called Maxton.

Pretty cool, right? Although I first heard this unique name when I was in high school (I read a book about a Socialist Politician by the name of James Maxton), it seems to be more common than we thought.

We now feel as though we need to purchase the $399 leather chair and $899 matching couch, after seeing this:

Totally worth it, right? I think when it’s time to shop for new furniture, the Maxton line will be the perfect fit for our home. We can always use a little more Maxton around here!

Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday!

Last week, a friend and I ventured to the Eaton Centre with our babes. It was Maxton’s first trip there, and he really seemed to enjoy it. Aka: he didn’t fuss much.

While there, I spotted a few things that caught my eye. Nothing I would ever by myself, but things I will place on my “Valentine’s Day Wish (more like dream) List”.

The Swarovski Reverie Light Rose Heart Pendant (also available in Aquamarine or Violet), $110

The Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Sophia Satchel, $298 US

Lululemon’s Flow and Go Tote, $128

The necklace is gorgeous, the purse is fabulous and the tote is practical – perfect for the gym, yoga, and baby essentials.

Alright, so everything is a little pricey, but that’s why it’s a wish list!

Here is something more realistic – I would like to see this new movie this Valentine’s Day:

It’s the perfect cheesy chick flick! Now, the only way I will be able to see it is by bringing Maxton to Stars and Strollers. So, I will have to rally a few Moms together and make it happen!

Number 57

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. We hosted the “party” at our house, and I whipped together a cake, the morning of. I wanted to be a little creative, but didn’t have the time or energy to be “super” creative. So I came up with this:

It wasn’t the neatest, but my Dad loved it. I had Maxton on my hip while icing it, so I guess I will give myself an “A” for effort.

My youngest sister Rachel, was here for the festivities, and my other sister, Jen and her boyfriend, Brandon (who are away at University) joined us via FaceTime. Oh the advantages of technology.

This was Maxton’s second party of the day and he did surprisingly well, considering. We had spent the early part of the afternoon celebrating a special little guy’s 2nd Birthday. Maxton had a blast, and he even got a loot bag. By 7pm, he still had lots of smiles to share.

All in all, it was a great Saturday!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and although we aren’t football fans, we are going to celebrate by having fajita’s for dinner. Yum!

Lesson of the Week: Introducing solids takes time with babies, so have patience (I will post more about this later in the week)!

Vegas, Baby!

As I mentioned in my Makeshift Monday post this week, we just booked a trip to Vegas, for five days in April. We cannot wait!

Our friends are getting married there, and we decided it would be a good opportunity to get away. Maxton is free to fly until he is two, so we might as well take advantage of that.

We have booked ourselves into the Bellagio for four glorious nights. The rooms look amazing, and we cannot wait to swim in their exceptionally fabulous pool!

There is a lot of sight-seeing we would like to cram into the five short days, not to mention attending a beautiful wedding. My project for the next few weeks will be to research “must-see” attractions (that are family friendly of course)!

The countdown is on!