New Tastes

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Maxton to new tastes. Solids. That doesn’t sound very appetizing to me, Maxton would disagree. So far we have tried carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, prunes, apple, and pear is on the menu for tomorrow. Surprisingly, Maxton wasn’t as interested in the apple (or at least the kind I choice to puree), but loved it when I mixed them with butternut squash.

I love watching his face when he first tastes whatever I put on his spoon. I love his expressions when trying to figure out whether he likes it or not, and how he feels about it on his tongue. Here are some of my favourites thus far:

Prunes, yuck!

I decided to make all of my own baby food, there was really no reason for me not to. My mom bought me an excellent food processor for Christmas, we buy fresh food every week, and I am home all day, why not? So far, I’m loving it. I found these two books really helpful with ideas for purees, and what to introduce and when.

There are some yummy recipe’s for babies and toddlers, and I am sure these books will be on my kitchen counter for a while!

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