Seven Months

I can’t believe I am writing this post. Seriously, where is the pause button? I am so loving mommyhood, and find something new to love about Maxton every day.

Without further ado, here is his seven month photo:

These monthly photo’s are getting harder to take – to keep Maxton sitting still, is a challenge.

Today we had another family portrait done, as our last “professional” one, was when he was three months old. We also got some solo shots of Maxton (keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks).

I thought I would share a few other photo’s we took over the last couple of days, some Daddy/Maxton and Mommy/Maxton, time.

He’s the best little boy, we are so blessed!

Here is a glimpse of what Maxton has been up to:

– He is sitting up fairly well, now. He still falls over so there is always someone, or a cushion near by.

– He has started swimming lessons, he is officially a “Starfish”, but is not a fan of being dunked, thus far.

– He is still participating in Mom & Baby Yoga.

– He loves his solids, he has eaten everything I have given him to date.

– He scratches everything, and I mean everything. That’s his way of figuring out what something is.

– He is sleeping 10+ hours, straight at night (YAY! I hope I didn’t jinx it!).

– He loves rolling around our bed.

– He is scooting backwards.

– He is very vocal. He will let you know if you are amusing him, or ticking him off. Either of them make us laugh.

– He is cutting his first tooth: his top left eye-tooth. Not your typical “first tooth”.

– He says ma ma ma, mum, ra ra, wah wah, na na, ler and gler, quite often. We love all the little sounds and squeaks that come out of his mouth.

I could go on, and on – can you tell I’m a proud Mama? We love you sweetheart!

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