Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday!

Today may be a particularly painful Monday for some. Can you guess why? In Canada, April 30 means: TAXES DUE. That’s right – thousands of Canadians are scrambling, looking for receipts and frantically punching numbers on their calculators (or yelling at their tax preparer for not having it completed).

Hoping most of you out there are going to be cashing a cheque, not writing one.

Move ahead one space.

Las Vegas Part II

Sorry for the delay in the “Part II” portion of our trip. I am battling the flu and have had zero energy the past couple of days. Yesterday was the worst day, and I swear it was a 48 hour day… I am feeling a bit better today, but I’m still not convinced that my lungs aren’t going to escape my body when I cough…

On a more pleasant note, here are a few more photo’s of our trip! What better way to start, then by introducing Mr. & Mrs. J – such a beautiful couple! C looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and her new Hubby was equally handsome.

Can you guess which one is the wax figure? 😉

Such a boy...

The largest Coke bottle I've ever seen...

Breakfast at the delicious "Mon Ami Gabi's". Please note those are bowls of cappuccino! It was like a dream...

Last but not least, the amazing Bellagio Fountains. Absolutely amazing.

I hope I didn’t bore you with all of these pictures! It was hard enough to narrow it down to these ones…

Overall, we had an amazing time in Las Vegas and cannot wait to go back!

Eight Months of Maxton

Happy 8 Months, Maxton! Seriously? I cannot begin to describe how quickly each month goes by…

Here’s what my little man’s been up to:

– He has many vowel/consonant combinations he shares with us on a daily basis

– When he wakes up he says “ma ma ma”, sometimes “da da”

– He has 4 teeth (3 on the top, 1 on the bottom) and his 5th (also on the top) is about to come through any day

– He experienced his first plane ride

– Played the slots in Las Vegas (Okay, I may have embellished slightly)

– He’ll let you know when he loves, or hates something. His little personality is really starting to show!

– He loves to eat! He hasn’t rejected anything I have made for him, thus far…

– He’s scooting backwards and has started getting up on all fours. He also likes to get up on his feet and balance on his head. (It’s hard to describe, but we call it “the frog”)

– He loves to make a “clicking” sound with his tongue, and will copy you when you do it first

– He just started getting up on all fours, and will rock back and forth

He’s growing so much each month, and there are so many moments I wish I could pause time…The famous words of all parents.

Las Vegas Part I

Well, we won big in Sin City! Not really, I just wanted to see what it felt like to say…I took so many pictures and have been contemplating how to construct this post without uploading 100 pictures. I decided I would break it up into two parts, so you don’t feel bombarded with Vegas. Although, I don’t think that is possible…

Maxton was such a great baby our entire trip. He did really well on the plane ride there, and even better on the ride home. He slept in his crib every night without a fuss and slept well in his stroller, most days. The only night he wasn’t happy was the night of the wedding. He was pretty fussy during the dinner after very little napping throughout the day. His fourth tooth was just about to break through (that is four in 3.5 weeks), and he stuck his hand in my lobster bisque right as the waitress put it down in front of me (they are so quick) so that set him off for the evening. Luckily he was okay, no blistering, thanks to lots of cold water.

We had such an amazing time and cannot wait to go back. You can barely dent everything there is to see and do in Vegas, in five days. Our hotel was amazing and we had so much delicious food/drinks, I’m sure we packed on a few pounds…

Our friends’ wedding was beautiful, and we were so happy to share their special day with them!