Makeshift Monday

Happy Easter Monday, everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed (or are still enjoying) their long weekend. We had a busy weekend – Saturday at my Dad’s and Sunday at my in-laws and then my Mom’s. I will need to put in a lot of hours at the gym to shed everything I consumed this weekend. Not only that, but we will be eating a lot of different food next week, because we will be…IN VEGAS! I can’t believe it has come up so fast.

In case you forgot, we will be staying here:

The Bellagio

We are so excited, and can’t wait!

Today’s post is just more of an update, as I may not get a chance to blog very much this week – I will be too busy trying to make sure I pack Maxton’s room in a suitcase. I think his list of items to pack, is longer than ours combined.

Steve starts his new job today, and then we are off to Vegas next week. Lots of exciting things happening on this end.

There won’t be a Makeshift Monday post next week, for obvious reasons, but check back in, the following week!

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