Eight Months of Maxton

Happy 8 Months, Maxton! Seriously? I cannot begin to describe how quickly each month goes by…

Here’s what my little man’s been up to:

– He has many vowel/consonant combinations he shares with us on a daily basis

– When he wakes up he says “ma ma ma”, sometimes “da da”

– He has 4 teeth (3 on the top, 1 on the bottom) and his 5th (also on the top) is about to come through any day

– He experienced his first plane ride

– Played the slots in Las Vegas (Okay, I may have embellished slightly)

– He’ll let you know when he loves, or hates something. His little personality is really starting to show!

– He loves to eat! He hasn’t rejected anything I have made for him, thus far…

– He’s scooting backwards and has started getting up on all fours. He also likes to get up on his feet and balance on his head. (It’s hard to describe, but we call it “the frog”)

– He loves to make a “clicking” sound with his tongue, and will copy you when you do it first

– He just started getting up on all fours, and will rock back and forth

He’s growing so much each month, and there are so many moments I wish I could pause time…The famous words of all parents.

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