Las Vegas Part II

Sorry for the delay in the “Part II” portion of our trip. I am battling the flu and have had zero energy the past couple of days. Yesterday was the worst day, and I swear it was a 48 hour day… I am feeling a bit better today, but I’m still not convinced that my lungs aren’t going to escape my body when I cough…

On a more pleasant note, here are a few more photo’s of our trip! What better way to start, then by introducing Mr. & Mrs. J – such a beautiful couple! C looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and her new Hubby was equally handsome.

Can you guess which one is the wax figure? 😉

Such a boy...

The largest Coke bottle I've ever seen...

Breakfast at the delicious "Mon Ami Gabi's". Please note those are bowls of cappuccino! It was like a dream...

Last but not least, the amazing Bellagio Fountains. Absolutely amazing.

I hope I didn’t bore you with all of these pictures! It was hard enough to narrow it down to these ones…

Overall, we had an amazing time in Las Vegas and cannot wait to go back!

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