May: The Month of Growth

May has often been described as the “growing month”. The grass becomes green and long, buds and leaves begin appearing and flowers add splashes of colour.

Well, the month of growth doesn’t just apply to nature. For us, it means a month full of birthday’s and our anniversary. There are 7 birthday’s in our family this month – myself and Steve included. Crazy, right? We have somehow managed to avoid duplications.

May 5 : My nephew

May 9: My niece (Happy Birthday Olivia!)

May 11: My sister, Rachel

May 12: Steve

May 16: Our Anniversary

May 17: My sister, Jen

May 20: Mine

May 23: Steve’s Mom

Maybe we should try to plan baby # 2 for May? Ha-ha.

Did you notice my sisters and I all have birthdays within nine days of each other? My poor parents. Funny enough, my Mom’s original due dates with us were May 23, 24, 25. Yikes.

I’m thinking we should just get a giant cake from Carlo’s Bake Shop…


One thought on “May: The Month of Growth

  1. My guys are 10 days apart and it totally rocked being able to use all the same clothes (lucked out having 2 boys) since they were same season – ditto for maternity clothes. Spring babies are also pretty good since you don’t have to worry about bundling up too much and you don’t have to be grossly preggo over the summer. 😉

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