Makeshift Monday

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this long, gorgeous weekend! For those of you who have to work, enjoy whatever time you have outside!

I was born on Victoria Day twenty-seven years ago…Geeze – where does the time go?

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. It was an amazing day spent with family, friends and my garden. (Pictures to come this week).

I asked Steve if he remembered at what point birthdays became “less exciting”. That is, at what point did you stop the “only 21 more days until my birthday” countdown. He couldn’t remember – but here’s a thought I had:

As a child, you cannot wait to be a whole year older and that much closer to being an adult. As an adult, you start dreading your birthday and wish you could go back 5-10 years. As a senior, you come full circle and are happy to see another birthday and look forward to the next one – maybe not in a “yay for being a year older” kind of way, more of a “happy to have seen another birthday” kind of way. Am I right?

Enjoy every day to the fullest – especially the gorgeous summer days, like today.

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