Nine Months of Maxton

*Sniff sniff*

I can’t believe my baby boy is nine months old! I don’t know why I am surprised at how quickly each month passes by – here we are, nearing the end of May.

Here’s my precious boy at nine months:

He certainly is a little monkey these days. Hopefully he will pose for a few more monthly photo updates. As you can see, he was trying to escape.

Here’s what he’s been up to:

– He is fully crawling. He was doing a lot of rocking on all fours, but has finally figured it out the whole “hands and knees” concept

– He will crawl into my lap and say “Mama” as he tries to make his way into my arms (I am loooving this stage)

– He looks around the room when you ask where “mama” or “dada” is (are)

– He makes lots of vowel and consonant combinations

– He pulled himself up to standing for the first time, yesterday – with the assistance of an ottoman

– He has six teeth (he loves to chew Cheerios with his little teeth – so cute)

– We love his toothy grin and love hearing the sound of his laughter

Keep growing sweetheart! xo

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