The Convertible

We just bought a convertible! A convertible car seat, that is. Ha-ha.

Maxton hasn’t outgrown his infant seat yet, because we chose one that would go up to 35lbs or 32 inches – and no, I do not carry him around in it anymore. I stopped when the muscle spasms started. The car seat weighs 12lbs on its own, add another 20lbs or so of Maxton and I have my own workout regime.

When shopping for the next car seat we wanted something that was gender neutral, safe (obviously), and comfortable. He is going to spend the next several years worth of car rides in it, so that was important. We decided to go with the Stage 2 Convertible and not a Stage 2 & 3 (which also serves as a booster) because of the expiry dates. I couldn’t justify spending the extra money for something that holds up to 100lbs when he most likely will not reach that weight before the expiry (right?). Check with the manufacturer for the expiration date; most average six years, but some boosters are good for up to nine years.

After watching for sales, I came across this car seat at Babies R Us.

The Evenflo Triumph 65 Covertible Car Seat

It retails for $169.99 at Babies R Us ($179.99 at Sears, although the pattern is slightly different), but I was able to get it on sale for $129.99. The reviews were good on the website and some other forums I checked out, so I figured I would go and pick it up. After seeing it on display at the store, I was disappointed. There wasn’t much padding to it all and I wasn’t fond of the lack of head support. I bought it anyways so Steve could have a look at it and weigh in. The more I thought about it the more I didn’t like it.

I then came across this one:

The Safety 1st Cruise Air LX 65 Car Seat

This one retails for $179.99 at Sears and Babies R Us (it was on for $159.99at Sears when I was looking). I liked the amount of padding in this one and the head support. I found it a little more difficult to find reviews on this one and decided it wasn’t that great of a deal anyways.

Finally, I came across this one:

The Graco MyRide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Have you noticed all of the car seats have “65” in the names? These car seats are all Stage 2, and all go up to 65lbs. The Graco MyRide retails at Sears and Babies R Us for $199.99, but I was able to get it on sale at Sears a couple of weeks ago for $149.99, and I had a 10% off coupon for any car seat from there! Bonus! Our infant seat is a Graco and we love it, so I felt good about sticking with that manufacturer. This car seat had great padding, excellent head support (I like how the sides come up to protect the child’s head and neck), and something I would never think to look for: cup holders – an added bonus. It’s a larger car seat but it has everything we were looking for, and more. Not to mention, Maxton seems to like it.

It won’t be long before Steve will be installing this one in our car, and packing the infant seat away. *sniff sniff*

Remember to check the expiration date of your car seat and replace them accordingly. It’s for your child’s safety, so spending a few hundred dollars every few years is worth it. The car seat may seem okay, but the foam and plastic erodes and deteriorates with time. Especially when left in the car with exposure to the hot temperatures of the sun, and the cold.

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