Open Wide and Say Aaagh


Last Wednesday, Maxton woke up from his nap with a fever. We went to see our family doctor late that afternoon when his fever spiked, even after Tylenol. His doctor said his throat looked a little pink, and to bring him back if he still had a fever after 48 hours. He was up most of the night, and by 5:30am the next morning, his fever was 39.2 celcius (102.5 farenheit) and he was refusing to nurse or drink water. Steve and I decided to take him to the ER. Can you believe we were in an out within 30min?!

The ER doctor took one look at Maxton’s throat and said he had a bad throat infection, and he had his first dose of antibiotics immediately. Thursday and Friday were his worst days. He refused to nurse for 23 hours – but we were able to get bites of cold pureed fruit in, here and there.  He refused to drink any water, so we ended up having to fill syringes and squirt it down his throat to keep him hydrated (it felt like we were torturing him). We ended up going back to a walk-in clinic Friday evening because he developed some spots in his mouth and inside his lip, and I was worried about Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. The doctor said it was not Hand Foot and Mouth, and he just had a really bad case of strep (which is very rare for babies to contract to begin with). I think at one point I told Steve (in the peak of my exhaustion) “I would rather go through another 22 hours of labour and a c-section, then watch him go through this pain.” A little extreme, I know; but, it was bad.

Today is day six of his antibiotics and he is 100% again. Eating, drinking, nursing and sleeping well, thankfully.

Then there is me. I am on day two of antibiotics. The stress, lack of sleep and my crappy immune system got the best of me. Today I am swallowing fireballs and little sharp pebbles. I can’t imagine what Maxton must have been thinking while going through the worst of it.

I’m just happy my baby boy is smiling again.

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