The Climber

Maxton figured out climbing the stairs a few weeks ago, but it has now become an obsession. The second you move him away from the stairs, he’s already on his way back again. We let him crawl up a few times a day, but if he had his way he would do it all day long.

Obviously a gate is the solution; but, unfortunately putting up a gate isn’t that simple. The wall on one side of the stairwell is not in-line with the banister on the other.

Of course the builder wasn’t thinking about a baby gate when building the stairwell, but come on…

So we have gone back and worth on what to do. First we thought we could attach an adapter to the second banister in, and a piece of wood against the wall on the opposite side, but the smaller banister isn’t strong enough. Then we thought we would attach 2×4’s to the wall to bring it out to meet the banister, but it would take three 2×4’s before it would be flush, and that would look way too tacky. So, we settled on purchasing a four-inch post to attach to the wall, so it would look a little more balanced on either side.

Steve had them cut the post down to match the height of our existing banister. This is actually a deck post so it will require some sanding which is easy enough. The indoor posts were all over $80 and we weren’t willing to spend that. This post was $19.99 and the sales associate gave Steve another 13% off of it, just because.

We just have to pick up some lag bolts and then we will be all set. I am hoping it will look streamlined and your eye won’t be drawn to this additional post. This is the best solution we could find, and more importantly, the safest for our boy. Due to the fact we are planning on having more children, this had to be more permanent than temporary as this gate will be up for years to come.

We are hoping to have it all done this weekend, so check back next week for the reveal!

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