Last week I posted about our gate issue and the DIY solution we had. We are pleased with the outcome and Steve and I agree this was the best and safest way to do it. I don’t “love” it, but it was the only non-tacky solution.

Let’s take a look back at our dilemma: the banister was not inline with the wall.

We bought a gate adapter for the banister so we could secure the gate and wouldn’t have to worry about drilling directly into the banister.

So, we purchased this deck post and picked up some varnish, to match it as best we could to the oak gloss on the existing banister. One coat was all it took, and Steve sanded it with some fine sandpaper after it dried.

Not bad. We picked up some 1/4 x 4″ lag bolts at Home Depot to secure the banister to the wall. Steve pre-drilled the holes and then secured the bolt into the 2 x 4 behind the wall, leaving us with this:

Steve is going to fill the holes and then cover the spots with varnish to finish it off. It’s now 100% safe and Maxton is 100% angry with the barricade.

The gate on the second floor will be a piece of cake because we only need an adapter for the banister (which we have) and the other side of the gate Steve will fasten to the wall.

Baby-proofing can be time-consuming and may not always look appealing from a design perspective, but it’s important to make your home a safe place for your little one(s).

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