Hanging Up – Part 1

There have been a few things I have been meaning to do since we moved in, that just haven’t been a priority since Maxton was born. We have been in our home for almost two years and I am just getting around to picking window panels. The previous owner left all of the blinds for us which was great because we liked them all, except the ones in the kitchen, bluh.

Yuck. These have finally been taken down and replaced with something a little softer and natural.

The picture isn’t the best, I took it with my iphone with bad lighting so I apologize. You get the idea, chocolate-brown and beige with a new curtain rod. Much better.

We also added some panels in our bedroom which highlight our bedding and the accents of the room. We have three separate windows in our room, one by our bed and two in our reading nook. I have left the windows in the reading nook “drapeless” (for now) to divide the two sections of the room. I will share the space with you one of these days…

Right now my dilemma is Maxton’s room. We chose to hold off on choosing window panels when we were designing the nursery, but now that he is almost 11 months old, I would say the time has come. His room is yellow and green (I really liked the two colours together, as cliché as it may be), separated by a chair rail.

The bedding we chose was also neutral and it’s still my favourite part of the nursery.

The dilemma? Finding curtains that stand out and don’t blend in with the wall colour. White? Boring. Beige? Boring. Blue? Doesn’t look so hot against the green and yellow, and would have to come down if we have a girl. Black? Hmmm. I know what you’re thinking: black for a baby’s room? Don’t knock it just yet. Here are the two types of window coverings I chose.

The first is a black stripe voile which will allow the wall colours to bleed through and won’t look so bold; however, they won’t block our the leftover light that peeks through the slits of the blinds. The second panel is the complete opposite, as they are specifically black -out panels. My task for today is to put up the curtain rods on both of his windows and test out each of the window coverings. I will reveal my choice next week, unless I hate them both and have to start again. Sigh.

Have a great weekend!

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