Eleven Months


Next month our sweet little boy will be turning one. I am already tearing up at the thought. This past month has gone by especially fast so I can only imagine how quickly August 24 will creep up. I have started to plan his birthday party, and I will share the theme we chose and some details, soon.

Until then, here is my little monkey:

– He likes to mimic sounds Steve and I make and is trying to repeat things

– When we ask him “where is the flower?” and “where is the elephant?” in his nursery, he will point to them with a big smile

– He will finally clap his hands on demand, and when we say: “Good boy, Maxton!”

– When Maxton hears the front door open, and sees Steve standing there (when he comes home from work) he crawls over to him so quickly “da-da-ing” the whole way

– He loves playing with his toys and loves to try to figure out how they work (future mechanical engineer?)

– He loves playing at the dishwasher when I am unloading/reloading it

– He loooves to climb up the stairs, I can’t believe how quick he is

He is becoming such a little boy; bitter-sweet. We love you!

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