Hanging Up – Part 2

Last week I blogged about the dilemma I was having with choosing window panels for Maxton’s room.

To refresh your memory, it was between the black stripe voile (the first photo) and a simple black-out panel.

After putting up curtain rods on each of his windows (luckily we already had them, so we didn’t have to purchase any), I hung one of each type on either window to see how it looked. I knew right away which of the two I prefered, but kept them up so Steve could weigh-in. As soon as he saw them, he agreed with me. The stripe voile was the clear winner. The black-out panels didn’t look bad, they just didn’t suit his nursery. They didn’t hang as nicely as I thought they would and were quite stiff because they are specifically designed to block out light. I think we made the right choice.

I am really happy we both the colour and style. I wish we had done this months ago – better late than never! Window panels can be an inexpensive way of transforming a room, and may just be that “thing” your space was missing.

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