Makeshift Monday

Happy Civic Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, or the long weekend for some. Steve had to work today, so it was an ordinary Monday for us.

Sorry for my absence this past week. I enjoyed the time with my little boy and did some things around the house. Nothing particularly exciting or worth blogging about. I also tried to catch as much of the Olympics as possible.

I’m particular with what events I will actually sit and watch. I won’t mention the ones I don’t like, as to not offend those who like/enjoy the sport. I can’t judge the quality of any of the sports as I am not a very athletic person (aside from the dancing I did when I was younger) and can only imagine the training and dedication it takes to make it to the Olympics. That being said, if multi-tasking were a sport in the Olympics, I would be a gold medalist. After all, Canada could use a few more gold medals, right?

Canada currently sits at 10 medals. One gold, three silver and six bronze. Thanks to Rosannagh Maclennan, Canada finally received a gold medal. Her outstanding routine on the trampoline had Canadians cheering and jumping for joy!

Photograph by: Ryan Remiorz, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Photograph by: Ryan Remiorz, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Way to go, Rosie! You made Canada proud.

Although we currently only have one gold medal, we know all of our athletes did their best.

China is currently in the lead with 64 medals, with the United States right behind them at 63.





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