A Guessing Game

One of the most challenging things to deal with when you have a baby is trying to figure out what is wrong when they are upset. When they are newborns/a few months old, you know their cries are because they are tired, gassy, hungry, or need a diaper change. As they get older, their wants/needs grow and it’s increasingly difficult to figure out what is wrong – I am obviously referring to before they are able to communicate with you, basically the stage Maxton is at now. It’s easy to tell when he is hungry or needs a change but now you have to deal with teething (molars especially), overstimulation, illness, separation anxiety, night terrors, gas pain, upset stomach, etc.

Last night Maxton really fought us while putting him to bed, and woke within an hour an a half, screaming. He wouldn’t settle and we couldn’t put him down. It took over two hours before he finally fell back to sleep. We did a lot of rocking and bouncing – it brought me back to his colic days. We even brought him into our room to play around in our bed (lights on). We ended up giving him some Tylenol because he was very gassy and bloated and on top of that, his gums are fairly swollen. He was up two more times in the night, but luckily it didn’t take as much effort to settle him.

At this point with him eating so many different types of food, you can point your finger at stomach pain/gas; but, of course there is the possibility of molars or other teeth, given the diaper rash (which he has never had before now), swollen gums, and fingers in his mouth; I also read about night-time separation anxiety, which would explain his screaming the second we put him down and left the room. It breaks my heart to see him upset, especially when I am not entirely sure why: The battles of parenthood.

That being said, Maxton is starting to communicate more with us. For example, he seems to have taught himself a way of expressing the word “no”. If he doesn’t like or want something, he will pull/rub his left ear. It started when we would feed him and he would pull his left ear and shake his head, refusing the food. We thought it was funny and joked about it. Now, it applies to everything, if he doesn’t want something his hand goes right to his left ear. Needless to say, it has helped us out. Where did he come up with that?

He cracks us up…

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