Evolving Space

At the end of the month, we will have been in our house for two years. It’s hard to belive that much time has passed.

There has been one space in the house that has continuously changed to meet our growing needs. The front of our house serves as both a living room and dining room. The back part of the room is where the dining table is and has stayed the same for the past two years. The front part of the room started off as two chairs and a table, when we first moved in.

It was great for sitting and reading a book, or conversing with company eating at the dining table.

Although it was functional, the space had to change when we found out we were pregnant, and the baby preparations began. We had to re-arrange our second floor to prepare for the nursery which meant moving furniture. We had a gorgeous chaise that no longer fit in its space so Steve hauled it downstairs and it took the place of the chairs and table. I added an end table and lamp and the space felt warm once again.

Now that Maxton has more toys and books, and we have yet to finish our basement, storage for toys has become an issue. The family room is cluttered with toys during the day and once he’s in bed it still feels cluttered even when they are “put away”. So we decided to once again, change the space at the front of the house. Although he “plays” in the family room, we figured we could store his bigger toys at the front of the house while he’s not playing with them and the smaller toys that he doesn’t play with too often.

So we headed out to our favourite storage solution store: IKEA. I had browsed around online and we had pretty much decided we would go with the EXPEDIT Shelving unit, in black-brown. I loved the look of it, and it’s perfect for holding books and storage baskets. I also picked up four BRANAS baskets, two black and two rattan.

So out went the chaise and so began the project of building a piece of IKEA furniture. I had to take a “before” picture of Steve, because IKEA furniture can be so fun to build. The last piece of furniture we purchased from IKEA took a ridiculous amount of time to assemble and we were almost ready to take a sledge hammer to it before it was completed.

Lucky for us, this piece was fairly simple to put together. It really looked great once it was finished.

BUT, it looked even better with the baskets…

I started to fill the shelves, and will still play around with what to put on top. The lamp will stay, but I am looking for a new picture frame and some other nick nacks.

You will notice the one constant in this space is the brown shag carpet. I plan to replace it with some grey and blue foam mats from Costco.

Again, this suits our needs for now, but who knows what will come of it once our basement is finished! The to do list never ends.

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