Evolving Space Continued

Last week I shared a space in our home that has changed with our growing needs. Here’s what I left you with:

The brown shag carpet had to go. It suit the space before, but wasn’t working anymore. As I mentioned I wanted to purchase some neutral foam play mats – the bright colours are great for a “playroom” but the space wasn’t large enough, and I wanted the room to flow. Costco seemed to be the only place that sold what I was looking for, and I am more than pleased with how the space looks now.

Maxton loves the space, and it’s functional. This will do, until we finish the basement, and create a proper playroom for him – one of these days…

Tomorrow is Maxton’s first birthday (sniff), so we will be spending the day with our boy. Be sure to check back tomorrow for his “one year” post. His party is on Saturday, so I will definitely share all the details with you on Monday.

We are also venturing out this weekend on a new car hunt, and I will share more on that early next week.

4 thoughts on “Evolving Space Continued

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