Happy Tuesday all! Maxton is getting over a cold, so I spent the day snuggling with him yesterday. The virus/flu/cold bugs have started going around – great.

Last week, Steve was in Pennsylvania for five days for work. That has to be at least a month in dog years, right? Maxton missed his Dada, and was very happy to see him when he came home.

Steve brought home a lot of goodies for Maxton and I, including a very delicious and equally fatty, treat.

Whoopie pies, from The Whoopie Pie Company. (Lady in Red, Coffee Cake, Maple French Toast, The Berry Bliss, The Classic and The Peanut Butter Cup.)


They didn’t last long around here. They are almost worth Steve going away for another five days…almost.

Welcome home Dada.


The Finger Chew

Maxton does this incredibly cute “finger chew”. He chews on his index finger with this “I’m cute and I know it” look, or the “what are you doing Mama?” look. I didn’t realize how often he did it until I uploaded pictures from the camera. Let’s take a look, shall we?

What? No, I was not trying to pull off the door stop.

I don’t see any cheese, but everyone is shouting it.

Do you think my hair looks like my Dad’s?

That guy should not be wearing a speedo…

Could I be any cuter?

Do these pajamas make me look fat?

Can I have a cookie with my milk, before bed?

Can I have a hug?

If only I knew what was really going on in that little head of his…

New Routines

I posted yesterday that Maxton was up at 5 am – I thought that was bad. Today he was up at 4:45 am, I stand corrected. Yawn.

On September 13, he decided he was done with nursing. He nursed that morning but hasn’t had any interest since. He still signs “milk” and pulls and tugs on my shirt, but when I offer it to  him he tightens his lips and shakes his head. Steve suggested the milk is past its expiration date. Funny. Yes, I have been weaning his day feedings but his night-time and morning feedings were the same. But, he decided he was done and seems to be standing by that decision.

I’m not sure what made him want to stop, whether it was the introduction of organic homo milk (which he doesn’t care for) or the two molars he got in a week, I don’t know. This was the easiest way to wean him, despite the fact I’m a little sad that he stopped so abruptly – it was easy. Or was it? He was used to nursing occasionally at 5 am and then going back to sleep, now, he is waking at that time and won’t go back to sleep. He’s hungry and has been devouring his breakfast before 6:30 am. I have tried putting him to bed later, giving him a snack before bed, nothing works. I am hoping this is just a phase from the shake up of his routine and he will eventually stop waking, before the birds.

The great thing is, now I don’t have to worry about weaning him from nursing before going back to work, I don’t have to worry about weaning him from a bottle because he’s never used one (the little homo milk he drinks is from a sippy cup), and he never took a soother. Just one less thing to have to worry about as he gets older…

We have also visited three in-home daycares in the last week, so he is probably picking up on that vibe. I have been a little tense, I will admit, trying to ensure I will pick the “right” or “best” one. There are a lot of factors to consider, and we have narrowed it down to two. One is local but has a smaller space, and the other is out-of-the-way, but a larger and brighter space. I’m stumped. I will post more on this later.

So, all in all, in the last week Maxton has stopped nursing, cut two molars for a total of nine teeth, visited three in-home daycares, and started his day two hours earlier than normal. The life of a rock star.


Turbo Crawl Triggers

There are a few things/sounds that will make Maxton crawl as if his life depended on it. He will crawl so fast it makes me wonder if he will ever want to walk when he can get around so well and fast on all fours.

1. The sound of me opening the dishwasher. I don’t know why he is so fascinated by the dishwasher, but he is. The second I open it and he hears the bottom drawer come out, he comes zipping in the kitchen. I am hopeful this excitement lasts as he gets older so I can use it to my advantage. (I’m dreaming, I know.)

Yes, there is a letter “E” in the dishwasher. I guess he thought it needed a good wash.

2. The sound of Da-Da coming home from work. He goes into hyper-speed mode and bolts for the door. If only he realized how much less effort and energy it would take to just walk to him…

3. My electric tooth-brush. When I brush my teeth and he hears the sound of it, he ditches his toys on the floor of my bedroom to come and watch.

4. One of the mini wheats commercials. Remember the one with the farmer, and the dancing blueberry and strawberry? I have it PVR’d because he loves it so much.

5. Removing the gate leading upstairs. He is like a horse at the starting gate. He will take whatever opportunity he can get to climb those stairs.

I love my little ham.