Turbo Crawl Triggers

There are a few things/sounds that will make Maxton crawl as if his life depended on it. He will crawl so fast it makes me wonder if he will ever want to walk when he can get around so well and fast on all fours.

1. The sound of me opening the dishwasher. I don’t know why he is so fascinated by the dishwasher, but he is. The second I open it and he hears the bottom drawer come out, he comes zipping in the kitchen. I am hopeful this excitement lasts as he gets older so I can use it to my advantage. (I’m dreaming, I know.)

Yes, there is a letter “E” in the dishwasher. I guess he thought it needed a good wash.

2. The sound of Da-Da coming home from work. He goes into hyper-speed mode and bolts for the door. If only he realized how much less effort and energy it would take to just walk to him…

3. My electric tooth-brush. When I brush my teeth and he hears the sound of it, he ditches his toys on the floor of my bedroom to come and watch.

4. One of the mini wheats commercials. Remember the one with the farmer, and the dancing blueberry and strawberry? I have it PVR’d because he loves it so much.

5. Removing the gate leading upstairs. He is like a horse at the starting gate. He will take whatever opportunity he can get to climb those stairs.

I love my little ham.

One thought on “Turbo Crawl Triggers

  1. Oscar and Lucy were both dishwasher crazy at that age, too! Lucy still likes to manually spin the blade. Remind me again why I waste money on “real” toys?

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