New Routines

I posted yesterday that Maxton was up at 5 am – I thought that was bad. Today he was up at 4:45 am, I stand corrected. Yawn.

On September 13, he decided he was done with nursing. He nursed that morning but hasn’t had any interest since. He still signs “milk” and pulls and tugs on my shirt, but when I offer it to  him he tightens his lips and shakes his head. Steve suggested the milk is past its expiration date. Funny. Yes, I have been weaning his day feedings but his night-time and morning feedings were the same. But, he decided he was done and seems to be standing by that decision.

I’m not sure what made him want to stop, whether it was the introduction of organic homo milk (which he doesn’t care for) or the two molars he got in a week, I don’t know. This was the easiest way to wean him, despite the fact I’m a little sad that he stopped so abruptly – it was easy. Or was it? He was used to nursing occasionally at 5 am and then going back to sleep, now, he is waking at that time and won’t go back to sleep. He’s hungry and has been devouring his breakfast before 6:30 am. I have tried putting him to bed later, giving him a snack before bed, nothing works. I am hoping this is just a phase from the shake up of his routine and he will eventually stop waking, before the birds.

The great thing is, now I don’t have to worry about weaning him from nursing before going back to work, I don’t have to worry about weaning him from a bottle because he’s never used one (the little homo milk he drinks is from a sippy cup), and he never took a soother. Just one less thing to have to worry about as he gets older…

We have also visited three in-home daycares in the last week, so he is probably picking up on that vibe. I have been a little tense, I will admit, trying to ensure I will pick the “right” or “best” one. There are a lot of factors to consider, and we have narrowed it down to two. One is local but has a smaller space, and the other is out-of-the-way, but a larger and brighter space. I’m stumped. I will post more on this later.

So, all in all, in the last week Maxton has stopped nursing, cut two molars for a total of nine teeth, visited three in-home daycares, and started his day two hours earlier than normal. The life of a rock star.


One thought on “New Routines

  1. Way to go, Maxton! When Lucy stopped night/early morning nursing we switched to bananas! She’d wake up hungry and I’d hold her in the nursing position and feed her a whole banana and then put her back to bed. It worked perfectly until she outgrew waking up to eat. I still feed her a banana before nap and bedtime. The link between babies and monkeys has never been more obvious to me!

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