“G” is for Everything

I’m sure many of you have heard those famous sounds “goo goo ga ga”, the cliché baby talk if you will. Or is it?

Maxton loves to make the “g” sound – in his mind, all words have the letter “g” in them. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but he loves “g”. He will often say “gugg-gugg” which seems to be fairly universal at this point. He loves to say the word “again” (he understands the concept of the word) which he says quite well and often; if he likes what you’re doing, prepare to be on repeat-mode for the next 20 minutes.

He also says “truck” which he pronounces “uck”, and sometimes “uckg”, if he’s in the “g” mood. “Up” often sounds like “ugg” – which I hear the most while I am trying to prepare dinner.

Last week I asked him to say “ball” which he repeated back to me as “bogg”. Sure, why not?

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t add a “g” to every word he says, but I think if he had his way, a “g” sound would be part of every word.

So maybe “goo goo ga ga” isn’t so cliché, but I always figured it was a difficult sound to make for babies, because you have to use the back of your tongue – I guess not.

“G” is for grrrrr.

3 thoughts on ““G” is for Everything

  1. haha this is hilarious! Halle is the same way but with P’s. I say, “Halle say Mama” she says “Mup!” Dada is “Bap”…. I wonder if it has something to do with Pup being her first word and favourite thing? 🙂

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