Daycare Dilemma: Solved

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the dilemma Steve and I were having about choosing a daycare, the right daycare, for Maxton.

After much deliberation, we both agreed the best place for Maxton was the one further from our house. We both felt the most comfortable with her space, structure, and personality; and as I mentioned, we have two great references. It’s going to be an adjustment, and the days will be a little longer with the extra commuting, but we feel Maxton will fit in beautifully, and will benefit the most from this one.

This daycare provider is so organized and prepared – from the information booklet she provided, to the forms we had to complete. Why am I so impressed with having to complete paperwork? Well, it shows how organized and professional she is. From medical questionnaires, to a full child profile. Impressive.

After visiting a few daycares, here are some questions that I felt were important to ask:

Do you charge hourly or daily?

Do you follow a daily routine?

What are some examples of lunches/snacks you provide for the children? Do you provide different food for babies/toddlers?

Does each child have their own room to nap in?

Do you assist in potty training?

Do you take the children on walks? To a park?

Will you travel anywhere with the children?

How often are diapers checked/changed?

Do you charge for days my child is not at daycare?

How much notice do you provide for scheduled vacations?

What are your hours?

Do you pick up/drop off children at school?

I hope this helps any of you facing the difficult decision of choosing the right daycare for your child(ren).

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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