Gift Tags by a Friend

When I shared the news that Steve and I were expecting (Maxton), I re-connected with a friend who I went to highschool with. Her daughter Halle, was born one month and one day before Maxton. She recently moved to British Columbia (her spouse was transferred for work) so we haven’t been able to get the kiddies together in a while. Thanks to technology and various social networks, we are able to keep in touch and share photos of our little ones.

She has a wonderful blog called First Time Fancy – sharing her creativity in design, DIY projects, and family life. Her newest project is a store on Etsy called Halle Handmade. She has created homemade, hand painted chalkboard gift tags for special occasions and holidays.

Halle Handmade: The Carol Collection

Halle Handmade: Ho Ho Ho

How great are these? Much more personal and unique than your average sticker or cardboard gift tag. Christmas is just around the corner, and there are lots of great Holiday tags to choose from. So head on over to her store, and have a look!


On a side note, although I am a Canadian, I was following the U.S. Presidential Election last night. Congratulations to President Barack Obama, on winning his second term in the White House.

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