Absentminded and Honest

Yesterday morning I had to pick up some last-minute groceries for dinner. Maxton wasn’t feeling the trip to the grocery store (I always have to bribe him with snacks) so I was rushing around trying to get out of there.

Maxton has this squinty-smiley face he loves to make – it looks like he’s shouting “CHEEEESE” while he’s doing it. He does it all the time, and he knows it’s funny. Sometimes he squints one eye, sometimes he doesn’t – it depends on his mood.

So there we were in line at the grocery store and Maxton was making “the face” at the cashier and she couldn’t stop laughing. Before I knew it I was packing up my groceries and heading for the car. We were almost out the door when I looked down and realized I had three cases of pop under my cart that I forgot to tell the cashier about.

I don’t often buy that much pop but it was on for $5.99 for a case of 24, and I wanted to stock up for the holidays. So I stood there thinking “no one will know, Maxton is tired and hungry, just go”. Ultimately I knew it was stealing and I couldn’t do it. So I spun the cart around and told the cashier I had forgotten about the pop at the bottom of my cart. She looked shocked when I told her, almost as if she wondered why I bothered to come back. I guess a lot of people would have just shrugged, and walked out.

If it had been a few apples or bananas, I probably would have kept going, but I listened to my “Jiminy Cricket” and did the right thing. Right?

Now, if I had gotten all the way home and realized…Well, you know.

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